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Fall Prevention

Falls are a major hazard to the health and independence of older adults, aged 65 years and older. People who fall once are more likely to fall again if they do not seek help. People are living longer and falls will increase unless we make a serious commitment to providing effective fall prevention programs. Falls are the principal cause of nonfatal injuries among older adults. These injuries include hip fractures, shoulder fractures, low back pain, neck pain, and head injuries. Along with the physical and emotional pain, many people are required to spend a prolonged time in a hospital or long-term care facility. Many of these people are never able to live independently again.

However, the good news is, falls are preventable! There are effective fall prevention programs that can be used to reduce falls and help older adults maintain their health and independence. Here at Premier Therapy Centers, we use an individualized approach to create a specialized plan of care geared towards that specific patient to improve gait and balance and reduce fall risk. Contact us at West Bloomfield Township, MI centers to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists today so they can create a specialized program for you!